Has the technological boom impacted you as a parent? Have tablets and smartphones revolutionized your family life? If the answer to these questions is “No”, it might the time to wake up and hop on the digital train.

Since children have a growing stream of new technological resources available at their fingertips, they are in touch with digital engagement, entertainment, and education like never before. Children are the ones who have taken over the leadership of the digital trends, and if parents are not following in their footsteps, the mismatch of children’s needs and parents’ points of view can result in disruption of the balance in power between children and adults, as we’ve recently written

Incorporating new digital technologies


To understand the necessity for embracing new digital technology and tools, we parents should work harder in terms of digital awareness, and shift our mindsets to a new dimension. Digital media and technology have deeply rooted themselves in the next generation’s lifestyle, and as new generations are coming, we will no longer hear the word “digital” as it will and it already has become the common part of growing up. Children socialize, learn, play, engage and interact with, through, on, in and by digital media and new technology. The sooner you embrace this fact, the better it will be for both parents and children.

Boost achievement and stimulate their brains

Raising children with their minds already accustomed to a technological and digital lifestyle isn’t easy but it should be challenging and fun for parents, as they learn and discover new things while indulging their kids’ hunger for new media. There’s the traditional media, such as TV, that provide passive activity for both you and your children. By watching TV, your children use 2 sensory organs of the human body – sight and hearing. However, touch is no less important: The sense of touch is distributed throughout the body, and nerve endings in the skin and other parts of the body transmit sensations to the brain. While using new technology and devices like smartphones and tablets, together with sight and hearing, your children use touch to think, explore, discover, find out and remember. They feel curious, competitive and excited. Those are feelings you want to nourish. Those are feelings that trigger motivation which turns into desire to do a certain action, which later results in boosting achievement and other useful skills, such as creativity, language development and so on.

Raising your digital IQ


What makes your digital IQ so important? Well, the fact that our children are in charge when it comes to digital and technology makes it automatically important to us as parents. We want to be a part of their digital world, not an outlaw.

Raising your digital IQ starts with you immersing yourself in your children’s interests, regardless of their age. Toddlers will show you what’s hot and what’s not in the world of digital drawing and singing, preschoolers will tell you the game you downloaded is bad, teenagers will laugh at you for choosing to join the outdated social media site. Suddenly, you are standing the middle of an unidentifiable landscape of communication. It’s easier for everybody just to wave their hands, shrug their shoulders, turn around and go back to their favorite cake recipe (in a printed book, of course!).

We would like to challenge your well-worn routines, and spring you forward toward something more useful for the future: 

Shift from routine to challenge

Find out what makes your child happy; discover what brings beneficial results to your children’s skills, what helps them sharpen their minds and makes them feel good about themselves. They will brag to their friends about what they found out and learned, encouraging their friends to try it too—who will then push their parents to help them with the same.

In order to be able to cope, we need to become digitally-savvy parents who can not only keep up with their little ones, but more importantly be able to help them grow and learn along with technology – and to get them ready for the world they will want to conquer one day.

Isn`t that something to think about?