Tonight, we will all dress up in our favorite costumes, play fun games, eat scary food, carve pumpkins, sing, knock on neighbors doors and scream Trick-or-treat!

Lipa Village has been keeping you busy with preparing for this world’s oldest holiday. We showed you a few cooking ideas, games, books and costumes to prepare this Halloween. In case you missed something, here is a quick summary of all the Halloween fun on Lipa Village!

Halloween cooking ideas by Lipa Village

Chocolate mousse in carved oranges


This was our special idea for surprising your little ones this Halloween. They will be expecting carved pumpkins, but not the carved oranges. So, take a look at this delicious, fun and easy to prepare recipe for the whole family.

The best Halloween snacks

Here, we shared our Pinterest page to help you explore more of the fun Halloween recipes and choose your favorite ones. We also, showed you how to prepare a monster pudding and cupcakes in a shape of a witch’s hat. Check out how creative and fun they look!


Pumpkins soup

We mixed and stirred a delicious pumpkin soup, too. It’s perfect for the weekend lunch, so don’t miss it this weekend!


Pumpkin cheesecake

October 21 was the National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, and we delighted our Facebook fans with this nice recipe! Try it out, it’s delicious!


Ideas for the Halloween games

Don’t forget to have fun after so much food! We’ve been giving you some interesting ideas like the following.

5 little pumpkins sitting on the gate

Delight your toddlers with this fun rhyming poem you can sing together tonight!


Hat Spotter

Whose hat is that landing on the tree? Our rhyming game is excellent for home and classroom fun. You can learn to create a witch’s hat and use it in the game. Check out how fun it is.


4 fun games to play this Halloween

Share a few laughs together today! We’ve prepared 4 fun games to play once you’re back from trick-or-treating.


6 Halloween songs to sing this week

Halloween without music is no fun. That’s why we showed our little ones 6 Halloween songs and learnt them to surprise our neighbors when we knock on their door tonight.


Halloween arts and craft

How to carve and craft your Halloween pumpkin

We gave you a few fantastic ideas on carving and crafting your pumpkins! In case you missed them, check them out again and decorate your house like never before.


Halloween crafts on Pinterest

There’s always a lot to find on our Pinterest page, too! Halloween crafts have been so much fun, therefore we’ve decided to share them all with you.


Halloween costumes ideas

And last but not least, the very thing you will need tonight – the Halloween costumes! Hope you like and used some of our favorite ones.


Before you go to bed…

Don’t miss some Halloween reading with your little ones. We have the best ones for you to choose.

Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun, make friends, smile and play! It’s the trick-or-treat time!