Do you have a child who is anxious to grow up? We have a perfect book for you! This lovely season-mood story will delight your child who will easily identify himself with the cute little rosy-cheeked pumpkin seed.

Little Boo

Author: Stephen Wunderli


Little Boo is a story about a young pumpkin seed who has a hard time waiting to grow up. He tries hard to scare everybody around, but he never seems to succeed. The wind encourages the seed to be patient. So, after waiting in the winter soil, the little seed soon turns into a rather big flower and becomes a pumpkin picked from the garden to become a Halloween jack-o’-lantern. The life cycle of this funny seed presents a metaphor for a young child’s desire to grow up quickly, as the wind represent a wise parent.

Our review


This is a great way for your little ones to learn about patience. It shows how everything comes at a certain time and that patience is a virtue. Being patient brings many advantages as it is said that patience leads to intelligence. Impatience triggers impulsive thinking and behavior which prevents people from acting intelligently, and this is exactly why we should foster patience from early life. With this book, parents are able to present the virtue of patience in a fun and exciting way, with a help of beautiful illustrations by Tim Zeltner.

Take a moment to enjoy this book with your kids. It’s a great bedtime story, as well as a daily read. We know everyone will love it!