Early childhood teachers are saying “Good morning” every day to one of the most intelligent and socially aware generations in the history. They raise philanthropists, multitaskers, disruptive thinkers and visual learners who are growing up insensibly attached to the technology, similarly like previous generations were attached to toys and TV.

To some, this could mean a collision of two worlds spending most of the week together, but Lipa is here to help you adopt yourselves and show you the right way of educating digital natives, while at the same time embracing the change and enjoying the new challenges in front of you.

Pedagogy and learning opportunities are changed, now it’s time we all do the same.
Whenever you hear someone say technology is irrelevant or harmful, do your best to persuade them otherwise because it’s the technology that shapes our children’s’ behavior in the social environment, and play an integral role in their early lives. Check out this interesting chart made by Marc Prensky in which it is clearly visible what a huge difference digital natives show over the previous generations that grew up without using technology.

Digital natives vs. digital immigrants

Impact of the digital technology should not be neglected but rather embraced and used for helping this advanced generation grow up and become useful members of their communities. Digital natives grow up with bigger empathy and social awareness due to being exposed to negative aspects of the life their parents are living (economy crises, terrorism, etc.). Early childhood learning experience can no longer comprehend progress and improvement of the social interaction without the usage of technology.

Technology is a part of our children’s lives and education. All of us parents and teachers must find ways to engage ourselves more with the technology to be able to teach our children and keep up with them in their technology-oriented lives.
This is why Lipa is here with you! We are dedicated to supporting parents and teachers by providing useful and timely information and tips to be able to teach our children using the latest technology and to be able to keep up with them. We also develop educational apps to help your child learn while playing and having fun. You can download them for free. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.