Hooray! It’s the Hug a Bear Day today! Perfect time for kids to give extra attention to their beloved teddy bears, learn, play a bear game and enjoy a healing therapy with loads of hugs this weekend! Let’s see all the fun things we can do today and throughout the whole weekend.

Interactive teddy bear for educational playing

Bella-with-teddy Teddies no longer need to be just soft. They can be in different forms and still create magic moments for your kids. That’s why our favorite teddy is Bella Bear! She is our interactive character who teaches children fundamental language skills. Playing Lipa Bear provides hours of fun and education for children aged 1+. Bella will help your little ones match words with pictures across 4 fun levels, in a colorful environment and a positive imagery. Find it for free on Apple Store and Google Play, and watch how playing with our interactive teddy bear turns into a meaningful and enjoyable activity.

Play with your soft teddy bear

Children love to cuddle with their teddy bears. They soothe stress, absence and fear, as well as inspire confidence and security in many situations. Children can dress them up and take them to picnics, for a ride, for a walk and even for a sledding time during winter. What else can you play? Here are a few ideas.

Tea party for kids and teddy bears

Prepare a tea party for your child’s friends and invite them to bring their teddies. Make a delicious orange tea, sweeten it with honey and pour it into little pots just for kids and their teddy bears. While kids drink the tea, they can pass a sip to their teddies and enjoy talks and laughs together. boy-with-teddy

Read a teddy bear story

We’ve recently written about our favorite teddy bear story. If you haven’t read it yet, now it’s a perfect time to do so. You can dress your child’s teddy bear in a small pajama, pretend to brush his teeth too and lay it down next to your child for this beautiful bedtime story.

Prepare a teddy bear birthday

Wow! It’s celebration time! No one has celebrated their teddy’s birthday yet? Well, you can be first one! Your kids will love the idea. This will give you a great opportunity to invite friends over and have a wonderful time together. You can prepare some of our birthday ideas and choose some of the kids’ songs on which teddy bears can dance.

Travel with your teddy

Are you visiting grandparents this weekend? If they live outside your town and you need to pack suitcases, don’t forget teddy’s luggage, too. This is a great way for your child to experience what it feels like to take care of someone else. Let your child decide which teddy’s things would be good to pack, find a special suitcase for the teddy and neatly fold clothes and other teddy’s belonging in the suitcase.

Has you teddy got a fever?

Pretending to be a doctor has always been amusing for kids. Why not dress up the teddy and take him to the doctors? You can be the mommy and your child can be the doctor. If you don’t have any toy medical kits to play with, you can always use spoons, pots, plates and cups. Also, some of your cosmetics packaging can be a good choice, such as creams, pads and tissues.

One more thing teddy bears can do!

doctor-with-teddy When your little catches a cold, a flu or a fever, his teddy bear can help overcome his fear of doctors. Many hospitals have created special teddy bear project to helps kids understand what happens to them while they are in the hospital or at the doctors, as well as to overcome their fears. We think that’s an amazing project! There’s also a smart teddy which is full of sensors to track the vital signs during the play, such as child’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, and body temperature. So, teddies can be very helpful in many children’s situations. They can teach, heal, comfort and entertain. Nowadays, teddies can be found in different forms, like our interactive Bella. They represent an iconic children’s toy, celebrated in many stories, songs and movies, and they are still the most popular gifts for children. Whenever you decide to surprise your child with a teddy, you can be sure the overjoy and delight will be expressed over and over again. So, if you ever have doubts about a gift for a child, you can never miss with a teddy.

Reasons for hugs today

And why to hug today? Well… Hugging is seen as a healing therapy when it comes to sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress. Hugs boost oxytocin levels, elevate moods and create happiness. Believe it or not, hugs also strengthen the immune system and self-esteem. They release tension in the body and balance out the nervous system. Hugs also encourage empathy and understanding, while the energy exchange during hugging does an amazing thing for relationships. As there are several very powerful reasons for hugging, the best thing to do is to foster hugging as a daily habit, encourage kids to ask and give a hug, set a hugging goal per day, count all the hugs each month and make up for all the missed ones. What a beautiful way to grow love and devotion! Don’t you agree?