Last week we have made you very happy with our fun scarecrow activities. You liked them on our Facebook and Pinterest page. That’s great! We’ll bring some more soon.

This is why we decided to take our scarecrow activities as pins of the week! Let’s have a look at both of them.

Popsicle stick scarecrow


We created a cut and paste scarecrow that we glued on a Popsicle stick. It put a smile on our kids’ faces as they felt proud for creating their home-made scarecrow to play with and to decorate their house and classroom with. In case you’d like to repeat this activity, find our downloadable scarecrow here, and enjoy this all-time activity throughout the whole year.

Home-made dingle-dangle scarecrow


A flippy-floppy hat, dingle-dangle hands and feet, smiling face and hours of playing – that was another scarecrow story by Lipa Village last week. We’re glad you enjoyed it! We created our straw scarecrow and learned a famous scarecrow song.  Some of us decided to decorate a garden, others decorated their homes and classrooms, but before all that, we played with our scarecrows and dingle-dangled their hands and feet to the music. In case you’d like to repeat this activity, find it here, and have fun over and over again.

Thank you for joining us in these fun activities! Stay tuned for more. :-)

Love, hugs and kisses.