As the season of pumpkins is now here, we thought of a way how to help teachers create a fun activity with the letter P. P is for Pumpkin! But what else starts with P?

The letter P is a consonant, a dependable letter that makes a voiceless sound. It’s a short sound that can’t be stretched. The name of the letter is pronounced as “Pee”, but the sound of the letter is “Puh”.  To make that P sound, children have to start saying it with their mouth closed, lips touching and teeth apart. As their mouth open, a puff of air is pushed through to make the “P” sound.

Download “P is for Pumpkin”

Download your P is for Pumpkin here and set a fun letter activity in your classroom.


Children can cut out the letter and the pumpkins, and paste them on the classroom’s wall together with other alphabet letters they will learn. They can also trace the letter P or decorate it with patterns or a picture of other words that start with P, such as phone, pillow, pear, pineapple, pig or pencil.

Which other words start with P?


We have our own P words that we’d like to share with you. Some of them are connected to the activities we have written about, others are connected to our Lipa games. Find them bellow, follow the links and feel free to use them in your P activity this week.

  • Play – kids love to play! That’s why our teacher Wenone recently shared her experience of playing with loose parts.
  • Party – but not just any party, it’s the birthday party! We help parents throw a fun and easy-to-organize home birthday party.
  • Pairs – find out how you can play interactive, picture-sound, pair-matching game with our Lipa Pairs game for kids.
  • Pasta – it was the World Pasta Day just a few weeks ago.
  • Power – our teacher Wenone has recently written about one very special power you can create with kids!

Download another writing activity


Find out which adorable animal with letter P you can download for a nice writing activity!

The activity is hidden here and we are happy to share it with you. Have fun practicing letter P in your classroom, and explore for more writing exercises on Lipa Village.

Have a powerful and playful week in school!