Dear Lipa Villagers, we have a special story for you and your child. It’s beautiful, emotional and very educational in terms of social behavior.

Dalai Lama used to say:

Compassion is a necessity, not a luxury and without it humanity cannot survive.


The Teddy Bear

Author: David McPhail

The Teddy Bear is a story about a little boy and his inseparable friend, the teddy bear.

They go everywhere and do everything together. One day he loses his beloved teddy and the teddy ends up in the hands of a homeless man. After a long time, the boy finds his teddy again, but taking him back home makes the homeless man sad. The feeling of empathy overpowers the little boy’s feeling of joy and he decides to return his beloved teddy to the homeless man.
This touching story will most probably trigger your child’s emotions.

Sympathizing both with the boy and the homeless man is unavoidable, and it will be nice for you to see how your child agrees on the little boy’s decision to leave the beloved teddy with the sad, homeless man. It’s a story that brings out gratitude and appreciation for what we own, helps your child see friendship in a clearer meaning and understand compassion and generosity in early age.

Quotes and praise



This book seriously almost made me cry!
This story is developmentally appropriate for elementary-aged children and can be adapted to all grade level curriculum. It not only introduces children to a different lifestyle, but it also teaches understanding and sympathy as well.
My family loves this story. It captures the attention of all three of my kids (3-9 years old) and has led to discussions of kindness and tolerance with the older boys.


Read this book! Next time you are in the library or a bookstore. It brings tears to my eyes every time i read it.
Beautiful lesson in selfless giving…another Need Read for every child.