How can we all help our little ones improve their language skills while playing together in a classroom?

There is a fun game called Follow the leader. It improves language skills as well as children’s memory. It’s simple! Let’s take a look.

What do you need for the game?


Children can use their favorite toys. Anything they like the most will be perfect for the game. They can choose teddy bears, dolls, cars or others. You will also need to create an obstacle path. It is very easy to create one with cushions, chairs, papers, toys, puzzle mats, building blocks or a variety of loose parts kids love to play with.

How to play?


Once you have created one or more obstacle paths, it’s time to think about a few walking options you will set as a task for the children. When a child is about to walk through the path, use their toys to set the task. Here’s an example of how to describe where they should be walking:

The teddy is walking over a chair, around a cupboard, under a table, through the book shelves and across the room.

Once the walking task is set, a child should try to memorize the path and follow the toy’s steps. It should be fun and challenging for everybody as players will be working hard to memorize all the steps made by their toys. Don’t forget to let your children make a task for you, too. They will love to see you play along.

This could be interesting for both indoor and outdoor activities, so have fun with your little leaders! Inspire them and motivate them to think, explore, discover and smile. Their happiness is what motives you!