Isn’t that Thanksgiving getting closer? For all the parents, teachers and children, we have a book just in time for your Thanksgiving day. It’s an informational book for ages 4 to 8, with activities and an animal tracks quiz included.


Gobble Gobble

Author: Cathryn Falwell


Gobble Gobble is an informational, rhyming picture book about a little girl named Jenny who discovers wild turkeys and writes a journal about them. In her journal/story, Jenny explains the difference between the domestic and the wild turkeys she saw in her neighborhood. She also includes her artwork that shows how the turkeys look like. Children will enjoy this nature awareness books, especially the suggested activities and a quiz that the author has added in the book.

Our review

It’s that season of the year when we celebrate tradition and create fun activities for children. As Thanksgiving is getting closer, families will be getting ready in many various ways, such as cooking and decorating. We thought of another way to entertain you as this book will be interesting both for adults and kids.

Enjoy discovering wild turkeys and have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!