Do you know your child’s academic future is brighter if you instill reading habits at an early age? The benefits are countless. Improved linguistic skills, such as better spelling, writing, and a wider vocabulary, is one of them. Additionally, a child who reads early on gains social awareness, self-confidence, independence, improved concentration, and an embedded love of learning.

To help support reading habits from early age, we’ve created something interesting for both parents and kids, which will boost a child’s interest in books and create a foundation for good reading habits.

How can a digital book club help?


Kids enjoy playing with their peers. Whether it’s with a toy at home or on a public jungle-gym, kids are happy to be connected to each other. While you can always visit your local library to find books your child would like, you might find a digital book club more hassle-free—pick out books from the comfort of your own home, a friend’s home, or even when you’re on the move. If it happens your child’s friends are not really into reading, this is a perfect opportunity to help them fall in love with a book. With our never-ending support of embracing technology early on to encourage learning, we’d love to help you give your book club a little digital upgrade. Why? The answer is simple. We are raising digital natives who are growing up with technology as a part of their every-day lives.

While digital book clubs are usually long-distance online gatherings by people from different countries and different time zones, we’ve made our own style of a digital book club by using digital devices and interactive books instead of strictly print books.

Step-by-step preparations

1. Decide which books to include

A few weeks before setting your kids’ digital book club, talk to other parents about which e-books to include into your bedtime story routines. There are plenty you can buy or get for free. Choose as many as you wish, but only 2 for the book club, as their concentration won’t last long. Take time reading each book with your kids every evening and make notes together about the stories. Since there will be 2 books involved, it’s a good idea to repeat them before you meet your other book clubbers.

2. Set time and place

During meeting arrangements, make sure no one is too constrained for time, so it should ideally happen during the weekend. Parents should make sure their kids are fed and well-rested before joining the club.

3. Prepare digital devices

Prepare your digital devices, as well as the e-books you have chosen for the meeting, and share them with other participants (parents). One of the ways you can share them is via Google Docs.

4. Prepare the meeting place

It will make everybody happy to meet in a place with a creative atmosphere, with toys and tables ready for your little ones. If you have time, go the extra mile and prepare fun snacks and a tea both for kids and their parents. Feel free to decorate the meeting place with some seasonal decorations.

5. Create a play time between reading

It’s important that kids have plenty of play time rather than a serious and long book discussion. Your book club will most likely be loud and energetic—but you already know that. Separate the meeting place from the play zone and try to arrange a little parents’ zone while the kids play. The meeting zone can be decorated with small cushions for kids who will be sitting or reclining on them.

6. Take turns

When the book club starts, ask children to sit in a circle and take turns with other parents as you scroll through your device and talk to children about the books. Show images on your devices and ask questions to find out how your kids feel about the characters, what they have memorized and why, and most importantly why they liked the book. Talk about what they would do if they were in the character’s position, what was right and what was wrong, and hear out different opinions.

Also, taking turns with other parents in organizing the digital book club would be a good idea—that way it varies each week and doesn’t become repetitive.

7. Share impressions with other parents

It’s important to talk to your friends about how successful your little digital book club was. Find out if your kids were interested enough and if the books you have chosen triggered their curiosity. You can always look for other topics next time and include other play-time activities, such as arts and crafts. Also, another thing you can do is something we have written about recently: create your own interactive stories with a help of images or your real-time family photos.




What a lovely way to socialize with your friends and support reading habits, don’t you think? Have fun creating a better future for your little ones!