Have you made plans about your Thanksgiving table decorations? Which colors have you chosen? Red, brown, orange or yellow? If you’re still thinking about it, have a look at our ideas. Children have chosen orange as our Thanksgiving color. If you like it, you’re more than welcome to do the same.

Orange Thanksgiving greeting cards


Many of your table decorations can be home-made. We’ve created some fun decorations with kids last week. Today, we’re creating Thanksgiving greeting cards we will use for our Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll decorate our table with these beautiful, orange cards and each of them will have special words written on them.

Download your orange Thanksgiving greeting cards here, and feel free to use some of our greeting words:

  • May all the good things of life be yours. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanks Giving! Gobble Gobble!
  • Giving thanks humbles us on this special day. Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • Warm wishes for everyone at this table. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Lots of love and happy times together!
  • May your heart be filled with joy and your soul with love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Orange table looks amazing!


Think of all the orange things you have at home, place them on your table and see how you can use them for your Thanksgiving decorations. If you have pumpkin-shaped decorations you have used this Halloween, they can make a nice decoration for your Thanksgiving table. If you have orange saucers or tablecloths, now it’s a good time to use them.

If you’ve created the dingle-dangle scarecrows we’ve recently showed you, you can now place them on your table (if they are smaller) or put them close by to create a nice autumn environment. Carve a big pumpkin and use it as bowl in which you can put a soup, a salad or any other Thanksgiving food you’ll be preparing.

Orange utensils with notes


We’ll be using orange utensils to to make our Thanksgiving dinner even more beautiful. Plates will be our main orange decoration along with orange spoons, forks and knives. Also, we will decorate the top of our plates with nice autumn flowers, such as sunflowers. We’ll tie a little Lipa note to each flower and create a special fragrance to contribute the decoration. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Talking about fragrance…


There are other ways to create a lovely fragrance for your dinner table. Scented candles are one of them. You can buy them, but we tend to create our own, specially when we can involve our children into it. That’s why we’ve decided to have an activity at home and create our own, orange peel candles for a nice, organic fragrance. Let’s see what we need:

  • Take as many oranges as you want
  • Cut each in half
  • Separate the fruit from peel
  • Trim the peel’s wick
  • Fill the bottom of the peel with an olive oil
  • Place the peels on a plate and leave them to soak up the olive oil for a few hours
  • Light them and enjoy the orange scent

One more fun orange decoration can be used from our Halloween carved oranges idea! This time, don’t fill the oranges but put tealight candles inside for a romantic atmosphere.

You can also use orange essential oils to create an amazing fragrance that will fill your house during the Thanksgiving dinner. Orange fragrance will lift your spirit and and it will promote joy among your family. Sweet orange essential oil is very good for children, too.

So, there we go. We have made our choice and children are the ones to thank to. Orange is our Thanksgiving color this year, and which one is yours?