Kids always enjoy arts and crafts. Whether it’s coloring books or finger paints, crafting is the kind of activity that follows no rules or restrictions—encouraging your child to stretch their imagination fully. Here are 6 fun Lipa crafts you can do at home with kids:

Home arts and crafts projects


Kids always enjoy arts and crafts—it’s the kind of activity that encourages your kids to explore, discover, create, learn and feel good about themselves without rules and restrictions. Whether it’s coloring books or brush and paint arts, anything you choose can inspire their imagination. We’re happy to help you choose the crafts your kids would enjoy the most. Here are 6 fun Lipa activities you can do at home with kids:

  1. Thanksgiving greeting cards
  2. Thanksgiving decorations
  3. Dingle-dangle scarecrow
  4. Carve and craft Jack-o-lantern
  5. Popsicle stick scarecrow
  6. Body parts project


All these fun home projects can be customized for every season, event or situation. You can create these fantastic crafts any time, so feel inspired to do them over and over again during winter and the upcoming holidays.

Games to play together


Sure, sometimes your child likes to play alone, but they also enjoy having you for a playing buddy—especially if you come up with some exciting games yourself! Here are some Lipa games to introduce to your family. Feel free to customize them according to your child’s wishes and the current season:

  1. Halloween games
  2. Halloween songs to sing
  3. Fun nursery rhymes
  4. Hula hoop
  5. Play with a teddy bear
  6. School games at home
  7. Follow the leader
  8. Play with loose parts
  9. Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate
  10. Hat spotter
  11. Singing is powerful
  12. Tongue twisters
  13. Spelling games

Printables and interactive activities

In preparation for school, your kids can greatly benefit from a few fun writing exercises. Use them as a rainy-day activity at home or just as an educational bonding experience for you and your child:

  1. Read and write activities with letter P
  2. Dot-to-dot tracing activity
  3. Lipa coloring sheets
  4. Interactive storytelling
  5. Lipa brainteaser
  6. Lipa Mole writing exercises


Play Lipa games


One of the fantastic ways to spend time  at home is to play and learn with Lipa games! There are 11 you can choose to download on your mobile or a tablet, and all 11 are educational. You can enjoy hours of fantastic fun together and help your child develop fundamentals, language, math, science and creative skills. There’s also a parental app which will help you connect to our complete learning eco-system, monitor your child’s learning progress and help you pick the right game to continue the child’s love of learning.

You can help your child develop language skills with:

Lipa Bear

Lipa Dots

Lipa Mole

Lipa Scrabblis

Help them develop early math skills with:

Lipa Splash

Lipa Frog

You can boost their creativity with Lipa Eggs, help them develop fine motor skills with Lipa Zoo, and improve their science skills with:

Lipa Train

Lipa Pairs 

Lipa Knight

Of course, don’t forget your Gateway App for monitoring all of these activities, as well as helping you keep track of your child’s progress!

With Lipa, your child will never be bored. We find autumn and winter just as much fun as spring and summer days, so we are looking forward for the fun winter season – there is so much to do together despite the cold weather.

Will you join us with your family?