Ideally, the only cool and stressful word for moving the whole family to a new flat or city would be – teleportation! Of course, packing and unpacking included.
Since there is no such thing as teleporting, you might as well take the challenge and start packing, but don’t forget to include the rest of the family. We have a few ideas on how to have a stress-free packing and unpacking for each of the family member. Let’s check them out.

Mums go for the useful stuff


Separate important, new and useful things you would like to bring to your new flat. Forget about the things that are decorative, but at the same time highly useless. Why? Because you might find that the decoration from your old flat completely mismatches with your new flat style. So, save your time. Focus on important things because you can always buy new decorations for your new home. Separate kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and hall things in separated boxes, tape the boxes and write down what’s inside. When it comes to cosmetics, moving is a perfect time to go through your make up and get rid of the ones you no longer use.

Dads, it’s time to check all the corners


Garage, balcony and garden can be your choice. You know what you need in your new flat and what you’ll most probably never use. Moving is a change that reflects every single details in family’s life.n Therefore, this is now a perfect time to separate important from unimportant. When it comes to clothes, you should pick the one you will use, and give to the charity the ones you haven’t used in a while. Make sure you don’t throw away the things other people would find useful.

Kids make decisions during unpacking


It might happen that the kids experience hard time deciding what to take and what to leave. The most important thing is not to make them sad over a decision like this, but rather make them feel comfortable at the beginning and give them time to adjust to the new change. They can decide what they want to keep while unpacking. New generations are very easy when it comes to moving, because most of their belongings are on their digital devices. This of course means you will have to make sure Internet connection is the first thing you have in a new flat!
If kids are younger than 6, they might want to hold on to their favorite toys, so feel free to encourage them to pack whatever they feel emotionally attached to.

Video games, walking toys, bikes and scooters might be the first thing boys start packing. In this case, make sure you have a stack of new batteries ready in your new flat, as well as an extra room or a storage place for bikes, roller-skates, scooters and skateboards. While they won’t make much fuss over cosmetics and bed sheet, you can be absolutely sure they will utterly demand to look cool when they invite new friends to their new room. Therefore, if you see a thing in their packing box which you find useful, just turn around and don’t say a word. It’s what they think it would make them feel cool in their new environment.

Pets care only about you


We are pretty sure your sweet little pets care only about being taken with you. Separate food for the trip, as well as some extra for their first hours in the new flat. You can always go shopping for new food and accessories. All other stuff they will appreciate, but will hardly notice if they’re missing.

Happy times with packing


Once every family member has their own boxes packed, it’s time to reunite again and together prepare the boxes for the moving service or your own truck.

Hey, it’s fun to pack, right? Each one of you can have your own private moments while packing and then be a family again once everything is set. Music often helps to bring positive energy in stressful times like this. Also, lots of laughs, understanding and support is what it’ll help you get over the stress and adapt to a new change!

Good luck and enjoy your new home!