How excited were you about your child starting school for the first time? Was your child excited, too? Maybe. Scared? Absolutely. This is why we decided to help you prepare some cool ideas in order to transform your child’s confusion and adaptation into a sweet delight.

Sit, wait, listen? No way!


One of the crucial things to keep in mind when preparing your child for school is to avoid making school sound too serious. The reason is simple: your child just got out of day care where he/she did fun and interesting activities with the teacher and other children. If you say things like “From now on, you will need to learn to sit, wait and listen” then you have a problem. And that problem is your child’s unhappy face. School doesn’t get that serious during early years. First-graders play and do interesting activities with their teacher. This, of course, doesn’t mean sitting and listening is not included, it’s just not repeatedly done. And it’s definitely not the only thing done. We advise all parents to take time talking to their new scholars and make sure they have a smile on their face while talking about starting school.


Play teacher – student games


One of the things that always help is a game you can play throughout the whole school year. Let your child be the teacher and you can be the student. If you have more children in your family, make sure you involve them, too. That way, you can have a whole classroom and enjoy the school game even more. Buy a small blackboard and find interesting school games to play at home we have here for you.

Make plans for lunch boxes


Take our lunch box ideas for healthy snack and make a weekly plan for your child’s lunch box. Write a plan, color it and pin it to your board in the kitchen. You can even pin it to your mobile or other digital devices. Let your child keep track of the days and the food, making sure everything is in the fridge the day before it goes in the lunch box. That way, you will be sure your child’s reading skills and memory is improving, along with the sense of responsibility.

Positive energy is what counts the most!


At the end of the day, it’s all about your positive energy. It’s something you transfer to your child and it’s something your child inhales from you. So, make sure you have the right tone while talking about school. Keep your insecurity and worry away from him/her and rather leave it for someone old enough to talk to – husband, siblings, parents, friends and even teachers. Good luck and keep smiling.


Lipa Village wishes you happy times in school!