Treat others they way you would want to be treated.

Are you repeating the same to your kids? Do you remember your parents saying it to you, too? Well, today we have a book that will make a difference for all the children that have been bullied by others for being unique and different.


Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the courage to be who you are

Author: Maria Dismondy


Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun is a beautiful story that empowers kids to always do the right thing and be proud of themselves no matter how different they are. It’s about school bullying, which has become a global problem for children around the world. The book supports kids to stand up for themselves and feel good about themselves, and it points out that being different is the right way, while being mean is the wrong way.

Illustrated by Kimberly Shaw-Peterson and written by an award-winning author Maria Dismondy, the book tells a story of a girl named Lucy who is being mocked by one of the classroom mates. With a little help from her grandpa’s encouragement, Lucy decides to standup for herself. At the playground, the boy who bullied her gets tangled in the monkey bars and asks Lucy for help. After she helps him, the boy realizes what a nice girl she is and decides to stop teasing her. On the bus, he draws a picture and hands it over to Lucy.

Our review

As we’ve written yesterday, the world is a diverse place, with so many different nations and cultures, therefore there is no room for mean people, only the good ones. We have chosen this story in honor of the Universal Children’s Day on November 20, to bring out the importance of tolerance and to teach kids that it’s very ok to be different. This loving story about differences helps kids strengthen their self-confidence. It encourages individuality and it teaches them tolerance and nice behaviour, as well as the importance of recognizing a person’s good heart, rather than her of his looks.

We absolutely love it, and we’re sure your kids will love it, too. It is very important for us to raise children who will see the good in other people and stay blind to irrelevant differences, such as skin color, gender, looks, nationality or culture.

A good heart is the only thing that matters. We wish you a nice weekend with lots of love and understanding.