How to be brave and generous? Our little ones can learn about these two human qualities from a little boy who decides to deliver cakes to his friends by himself. Let’s have a look.

You can do it, Sam!

Author: Amy Hest


You can do it, Sam! is a lovely children’s book about braveness and generosity supported by a mother’s love an belief. On his road to independence, Sam decides to deliver his mom’s cakes to his friends, but all by himself. It was a winter day with snowflakes falling down the sky, when little Sam and his mum drove into their green truck up and down the Plum Street where his friends lived. His bags had a sign “A tasty surprise” and inside of each were the delicious cakes for his friends. He left each bag in front of the sleepy doors and went back to their green truck. For his bravery and generosity, his mummy left a surprise at home. There were two cakes left in two red bags! Wow! They were the ones Mrs. Bear made for Sam and herself.

Beautifully illustrated pages by Anita Jeram, will guide your children through this wonderful story with vivid images and winter environment, making it a lovely Christmas gift.

Our review


Christmas time is all about generosity, love and support for each other. That’s why we believe this could be a lovely Christmas read, as well as one of your bedtime stories during the cold winter nights. Your kids will enjoy seeing little Sam walking bravely to the friends’ doors, while parents will feel proud and motivated to stay brave enough while their little ones start taking a step by step into their independent little world. The story is perfect for ages 2 – 5.

Wonderful illustrations make the story even more delightful. Sam and his mom create a loving story about acts of kindness we all need to teach our little ones before they step into the big world. If we start with our children, maybe one day we can make the world a better place!

Enjoy this sweet story and have special evenings together with your little ones.

Lots of warm nights and many sweet dreams from Lipa.