Hello December! We’re so glad you’re here!


Apart from being overexcited about the upcoming Christmas holidays, we’re also happy to get into the real winter mood with some fun activities for preschoolers.

The beauties of winter


Cold seasons can be just as much fun as summer and spring. While we wait for the first snow for some fun outdoors activities, we will prepare ourselves for other amazing games we can do this winter. How about we start with interesting facts about winter?


Winter is the coldest season of the year. Let’s ask our little ones to draw their vision of winter season and express what they like (or dislike) about it. Feel free to download this cute winter frame and see children enjoy their winter drawing even more. They can even place a picture of their family in the frame.


Winter jigsaw puzzles can be a nice way of getting into the December mood. Let their little minds join in and search for pieces of the puzzle together. Once the picture is created, glue it and place it on the wall.


Of course, Lipa has one more super cool winter activity for you. It’s the Lipa happy Christmas coloring sheet to help your children prepare for the upcoming holidays. Download it here and let the kids’ creativity go beyond their imagination!

Snowflakes everywhere


Yay! Let’s decorate our classrooms and homes with snowflakes! How to do it and what do we need? It’s really easy-peasy:

  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • White thread

What to do?


  • Fold each paper in half 2 times
  • Then fold the thirds (one section to the front, the other one to the back)
  • Once you get the triangle shape (as shown above), you can start cutting patterns
  • For easier cutting, draw patterns on top of your paper triangle

More winter ideas for classrooms and homes

Now that you have snowflakes, winter drawings and decorations ready, we’d like to share our Winter fun crafts board for other winter ideas to do at home before Santa knocks on your door or perhaps stumbles down your chimney.

Which of our wither ideas do you like the best?